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10th August 2022 
About Moulton Therapies. Joan about page

Joan Innes Cert Ed BTAA

I have been a practicing holistic therapist since 2005. I have a commitment to both continuing to develop my skills through formal training and passing on those skills to others as a teacher. I started with reflexology, most recently have gained a diploma to practice as a foot health professional, and I am qualified in Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Indian Head Massage, Stone Therapy Massage, Reiki, Thermo Auricular Therapy, The Bowen Technique and Diet and Nutrition.

I first became interested in alternative therapies after having some health problems myself and not wanting to take medication. The alternative treatments I had helped me to build up my immune system and regain my strength and stamina after a long period of illness. That led me to want to train myself to help others. I first studied Reflexology in 2004. I really enjoyed the course and achieved a Level 3 Diploma. That led me to continue my training studying Maternity Reflexology and Baby Reflexology.

Moulton Therapies was started in 2005 offering Reflexology in my home in Moulton, Northamptonshire. In 2012 the practice room was opened.

To add to my portfolio of practices and to be able to offer clients a choice of therapies, I continued my studies and achieved a Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Indian Head Massage and Stone Therapy Massage. Striving to gain more understanding of the way treatments work holistically, I decided to train to Level 2 in Reiki and, at the Oxford School of Reflexology, gained a certificate in Thermo Auricular Therapy (previously known as Hopi Ear Candling).

After experiencing the benefits of The Bowen Technique, in 2008 I spent almost a year studying the basic moves and continued studying the advanced moves two years later.

As Moulton Therapies developed, I became a student at the University of Bedford, where I gained my Certificate in Education. Now I’m qualified to teach Holistic Therapies to students, which I find very rewarding and allows me to pass on my enthusiasm to new practitioners.

I am a Member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, The Bowen Association of Australia and the ThinkTree Hub.

Moulton Therapies’ clients regularly asked for advice about diet. To enable me to help my clients in this area, I achieved a Level 3 Diploma in Diet and Nutrition at the Oxford School of Holistic Health and Beauty.

I hope this has given you a good sense of my approach and my training. In summary these are my formal qualifications:

2004 Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology
2004 Level 3 Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology
2006 Thermo Auricular Therapy Qualification
2007 Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage
2007 Maternity Reflexology Qualification
2008 Level 3 Diploma in Indian Head Massage
2008 Reiki Level II
2008 Diploma in The Bowen Technique
2009 Level 3 Diploma in Stone Therapy Massage
2010 Level 3 Diploma in Diet & Nutrition for Complementary Therapists
2010 Intermediate Level in Crystal Healing Therapy
2012 Level 3 Diploma in Aromatherapy
2013 Diploma in Foot Health Professional
2017 Low Laser Therapy Qualification