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10th August 2022 
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Metatron Colour Healing

Metatron Colour Healing Therapy is as the name suggests, a healing modality. Archangel Metatron’s energy is able to bring about change, using colour, and light. The treatment is holistic, working with the client’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, using the chakras to take the energy where it is most needed.

To receive this therapy the client is asked to lay on the couch and allow the energy to be received. Or the treatment can be delivered long distantly, allowing the client to stay in the comfort of their own home.

Colours, and sprays are used during treatment.

To enhance the treatment and allow the client to break old habits, and patterns enabling good health and fulfilment, the client will be encouraged and helped to take responsibility for the way forward.

An enriching experience and truly rewarding knowing that Archangel Metatron is sending his healing to you.

All treatments are 70 per session